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Lythgo Crew Wealth Management is a financial advisory firm focused on providing clients with:

  • Holistic Financial Planning advice incorporating Investments, Superannuation and Retirement strategies, Life Insurance and Wealth Protection.
  • Where appropriate, Financial Advice and Execution services in regard to Global Shares, Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) and Standard Margin Lending Facilities
  • Platform Trading Services
  • Where clients meet Wholesale or Sophisticated Investor status we provide advice for Individually Managed Accounts, a trading service whereby clients can take advantage of our extremely experienced investment team. The client will enter into an investment management agreement with an associated trading mandate that fits their particular risk profile and objectives.
Lythgo Crew Wealth Management is a financial advisory firm

Lythgo Crew Wealth Management is strictly non custodial in nature and, as such, no client funds are held within Lythgo Crew Wealth Management. Client funds are held at large multi-national industry proven product providers in individually designated segregated accounts.

Financial Product Advice

Lythgo Crew Wealth Management provides expert financial product advice and dealing services across an array of asset classes and products.
Financial Product Advice